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Smart home stack

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This post will serve as a living document of the tech used to power my smart home. Please reach out if you have ideas or questions!

The rule I’ve been following is that everything must end up working with HomeKit as all of my family’s primary devices at home are from Apple. Adhering to HomeKit provides us with significant ease of use:

  1. Everyone in the family gets the same toggles for everything and doesn’t need to install several different apps.
  2. Automations are essentially guaranteed for all devices.
  3. Siri is actually useful as it works with all HomeKit enabled devices (e.g. “Set the downstairs thermostat to 68 degrees”, “turn on all the downstairs lights”)

To accomplish this, I leverage a few different devices:

Unless otherwise noted, all of the devices below work with above configuration. Most of the benefits depend on having an internet connection to the outside world, and can’t solely be operated on LAN.